Founders Message


Message from Chairman

Medimet Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a pharmaceutical and marketing organization engaged in manufacturing diverse variety of medicinal products. The state of the art plants, high levels of quality control, manufacturing expertise and innovative efforts by our people Medimet helps to connect the nation with a world class technology in pharmaceuticals of Bangladesh. An uncompromising quest of quality that lasts with substantial growth and quantum leap in capacities. Medimet stands poised at the threshold of a future that knows no limit. Medimet has been able to sustain its growth and also strengthen its profits by a very well thought-out strategy of communication, introduction of innovation & value-added products creating global acceptability by thingking globally. We have built state of the art plant and the highest standards of manufacturing facilites in Bangladesh.


Message from Managing Director

Medimet is brighter name of a pharmaceutical company in the realm of medicine manufacturing companies of Bangladesh having a most advanced world class technological supported operation plant and a strong skilled marketing team. We are striving to meet the requirements of the customer as well as the demand of the physician and the chemist. We bridge the gap between market need and customer satisfaction. Medimet follows the general norms of world class pharmaceutical companies and we are the first pharmaceuticals company in Bangladesh who has established a unique modular concept manufacturing plant which is very much essential in order to establish in build Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGPM). The modular concept confirms about drugs non-contamination. Under this facility the buildings for penicillin, cephalosporin, veterinary, non-penicillin, non-cephalosporin, utility are individually structured. The manufacturing plant is located outside the city, free from environment pollution. At this moment we are importing bulk drugs for operation chemicals to produce medicine. But near future we hope to be engaged in producing active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API) under the supervision of Medimet.


Message from Chief Operating Officer

I optically canvass the evolution over the period from my inception; I am strongly gratified of what we have accomplished, and even more euphoric concerning our perception for an auspicious future. We have promisingly transitioned from a local start-up to become a recognize done, accruing business across the country, while earning the trust of our clients along the path. Further, we will persist to exercise this enthusiasm, along with that progress to provoke evolving markets. We have dominance in the market and gained a large share with high quality products. The motto of MPL, “at any mean there will be no compromise on quality of five P’s”, has never transfigured since our foundation, which has been elevated over the year due to the progress of the technology. We are passionate about our goal and exceedingly optimistic regarding our vision to provide quality to the civilization. We will maintain our efforts becoming one of the top pharmaceuticals through worldwide existence and global expansion of product portfolios.

Message from Head of Operations

Pharmaceutical sector is technologically the most developed manufacturing industries in Bangladesh and the third largest industry in terms of contribution to government’s revenue. The Pharmaceuticals market is continuously growing both in domestic and abroad. To grow and prosper, Bangladeshi pharmaceutical companies will have to re-think about the current business models and move to more global, innovation led growth that is what we are attempting to build here. I would like to thank to all Physicians and Medical Practitioners for patronizing to Medimet Pharmaceuticals Limited through prescribing products as well as sharing their valuable feedback for further development. Looking forward we are determined to achieve our goal of becoming a force in affordable healthcare solutions. And to do this we will continue to capitalize and build on the unique fundamentals of our values, people and products by encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship and growth.