Composition :

Motidom Tablet : Each film coated tablet contains Domperidone BP 10 mg (As Domperidone Maleate BP).


Motidom is a dopamine antagonist that principally blocks the dopamine (D2) receptors located in the stomach and Chemoreceptor Trigger Zone (CTZ). Its gastroprokinetic action is based on its blocking effect of dopamine receptors that have influence on the motality of Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT). Due to its weak penetration across the blood-brain barrier, Motidom has almost no effect on dopaminergic receptor in the brain therefore excluding psychotropic and nurologic side effects. Motidom restores normal motility and tone of the upper GIT, facilitates gastric emptying, enhance antral duodenal peristalsis and regulates contraction of pylorus. Moditom also increases esophageal peristalsis and lower esophageal sphincter pressure and thus prevents regurgitation of gastric content.